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4G Story in India

June 02, 2020

No body knows the speed of 4G. We the Indians are very happy with what we have. we never questioned anything.

4G Story in India
1. Non-living objects exhibit/show
  1. Property of self-replication

  2. Evolution

  3. Self-regulating interactive systems

  4. Reversible growth

2. Which statement is false about the growth shown by non-living objects?
  1. The growth occurs from outside

  2. The growth is reversible

  3. The growth is due to the accumulation of material on the surface

  4. The growth is intrinsic

3. Local names of various plants and animals
  1. Help in recognizing organisms worldwide

  2. Are used universally

  3. Are specific and distinct names

  4. Vary from place to place

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