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Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

In a fertilized sac the haploid, diploid and triploid structure are
A. Synergid, zygote and primary endosperm nucleus.
B. Synergid, antipodal and polar nuclei.
C. Antipodal, Synergid and primary endosperm nucleus.
D. Synergy, polar nuclei and zygote

A. Synergid, zygote and primary endosperm nucleus.

On reaching synergid, pollen tube releases the two male gametes into cytoplasm of synergid.
One of the male gamete fuses with egg nucleus to form a diploid cell called zygote. This event is called syngamy.
Other male gamete fuses with polar nuclei at the centre to produce a triploid primary endosperm nucleus (PEN). As this is involves the fusion of three haploid nuclei it is termed as triple fusion.
As syngamy and triple fusion take place simultaneously in the embryo sac, it is termed as double fertilisation.

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