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Human Reproduction

Given below are two statements: one is labelled as Assertion A and the other is labelled as Reason R.
Assertion (A): Endometrium is necessary for implantation of blastocyst.
Reason (R): In the absence of fertilization, the corpus luteum degenerates that causes disintegration of endometrium.
In the light of the above Statement, choose the correct answer from the options given below:

Human Reproduction

Both A and R are true but R is NOT the correct explanation of A

The endometrium undergoes cyclical changes during menstrual cycle while the myometrium exhibits strong contraction during delivery of the baby.
The corpus luteum secretes large amounts of progesterone which is essential for maintenance of the endometrium. Such an endometrium is necessary for implantation of the fertilised ovum and other events of pregnancy.

In the absence of fertilisation, the corpus luteum degenerates. This causes disintegration of the endometrium leading to menstruation, marking a new cycle.

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