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Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestock...

Dairy Farm Management
It is the management of animals for milk and its products for human consumption.

The processes carried out for managing dairy farm are:

  1. Selection of good breeds having high yielding potential and resistance to diseases.

  2. Cattle is well-housed with adequate water supply.

  3. The feeding of cattle should be emphasized with good quality and quantity of fodder.

  4. Hygiene is maintained while milking, storage and transport of milk and its products.

  5. Regular inspections along with keeping proper records.

  6. Regular visits by a veterinary doctor.

Poultry Farm Management
The domesticated fowls (birds) used food or for their eggs are called poultry.

The important parameters of poultry farm management are:

  1. Selection of disease free, suitable breeds.

  2. Proper and safe farm conditions.

  3. Proper food and water.

  4. Hygiene and health care of the birds.

Bee-keeping (Apiculture)
The maintenance of hives of honeybees for the production of honey is termed bee-keeping or apiculture.

A successful bee-keeping requires:

  1. Knowledge of the nature and habits of bees.

  2. Selection of a suitable location for keeping the beehives.

  3. Catching and hiving of swarms (groups of bees).

  4. Management of beehives during different seasons.

  5. Handling and collection of honey and beeswax.

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