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Q9. Define the following terms;
a. Oogenesis
b. Ovulation
c. Menstruation
d. Menarche
e. Menopause


a. Oogenesis: The process of formation of a mature haploid female gamete from diploid oogonium is called oogenesis.

b. Ovulation: The process in which the Graafian follicle ruptures to release the secondary oocyte (ovum) from the ovary is called ovulation.

c. Menstruation: The process in a woman of discharging blood and other material from the disintegration of lining of the uterus causing bleeding.

d. Menarche: The first appearance of menstruation at puberty is called menarche.

e. Menopause: A natural decline or cease of menstrual cycle at the age of 45-50 years is called menopause.

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