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Before Playing PUBG Game

PUBG - Playerunknown's BattleGrounds

Total Downloads 100 M+ on android.
One of the greatest online battle game of all the time.
Great experience of visualization, graphics, maps and more. They bring liveliness in the game.


  • Classic and arcade mode of game requires minimum 20-30 minutes to complete.

  • Unique tasks provoke players to stick on to the game.

Examples: Kill 20 enemies in Pochinki (Place of PUBG map) with M416 or SCAR-L.

Travel more than 10000 meters while in buggy.

  • These tasks made us contract killers in the game.

  • Youths and Children are spending more than an hour with the game everyday.

  • According to some study, many of them (players) are suffering from severe restlessness.

  • The person who played a PUBG, he had a dream of battle once in a week.


  • Games are made to relief, they are also a big part of entertainment. 20 - 30 minutes in a game is enough for it (Play Quick match).

  • Most of Mobile/PC games cause health issues. Better to play outdoor games.

  • Just play entertainment, not to complete the tasks.


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