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What are the top 10 professional life hacks we should learn and follow?

The purpose of our lives is to be happy - DALAI LAMA
Every moment decides our future and the future is depends on how we react to it - BIOPASSIONATE

  1. Work more closely with your Managers, Notice their work style and way of handling things, it will help you in your growth when you will be promoted.

  2. Always love your work, not the organization where you are working.

  3. Be punctual if possible reach 5 minutes before the time.

  4. Learn to understand the office politics and don't react to everything that people talk around, act wisely.

  5. Keep your personal life away from professional life as much as possible.

  6. Mind your own business but keep the ears open.

  7. Help your peers in all possible way but to an extent, sharing knowledge is always a good thing to do.

  8. Keep your salary confidential and never ask your colleagues about their salary.

  9. Never sit idle, do learn something out of your job role in leisure time, Ask your colleague or manager of other departments about their work and responsibilities.

  10. Keep the communication healthy with your teammates.

  11. Brainstorm, Q & A session, all hands-on events are important for consistent growth, do not forget to organize/attend such events.

  12. Be open to challenges, take new responsibilities and excel in that, you might fail on the first attempt but you will gain experience.

  13. People in professional life are calculative and manipulative too, so you should learn how to handle them.

  14. Always report about your task and targets via mail, never believe in anything which has been communicated verbally, ask for mail all the time as it becomes part of your proof.

  15. Never postpone your work for tomorrow, finish all the task within the timeline, keep updating about your task and any challenges faced during your completion of work to the manager.

  16. Keep upgrading your skills and learn new things regularly.

  17. Working hard in the office is fine but you should know your responsibilities clearly and learn when to say no politely.

  18. Do not forget to walk for a while after sitting for an hour, it's really not healthy to sit for long hours.

  19. Treat everyone equally.

  20. Speak for your right wherever required, if needed stand alone and fight for your right.

  21. Do not forget to ask for an appraisal even if the organization is not doing any appraisal for any particular year wholly.

  22. Switch organization after every 2–3 years, it is important for professional growth as it provides new challenges, responsibilities and new ideas to explore your ability. Even your vision will get broaden after knowing new people after a period of time.

  23. Dress well, comb hair properly and wear nice shoe which is important to look confident and it definitely brings positivity around.

Article courtesy - Quora

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