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Reproduction in Organism

Q1. What is meant by meiocytes?

Q2. What are hermaphrodites?

Q3. What is the fate of ovary and ovule after fertilization?

Q4. What is parthenogenesis? Name two organisms which exhibit parthenogenesis.

Q5. What are the significance of reproduction?

Q6. Name the organism which undergoes asexual reproduction by means of encystation and sporulation.

Q7. Name the vegetative propagules of; potato, ginger, water hyacinth, agave and onion.

Q8. Mention the three phases of lifecycle of an organism.

Q9. What is fertilization? Mention the types.

Q10. What are the differences between external fertilization and internal fertilization?

Q11. Distinguish between seasonal breeders and continuous breeders.

Q12. Distinguish between oviparous and viviparous animals.

Q13. Differentiate between menstrual cycle and oestrous cycle.

Q14. What are homothallic and heterothallic organisms. Give examples.

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