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Biology 2020


Question Paper with Complete Solution


Answer the following questions in one word or one sentence each;

1. How many chromosomes are there in meiocytes of human beings?

Ans: Human Meiocytes (diploid) – 46

2. Name the inducer which regulates the switching on and off lac operon.

Ans: Lactose

3. Which type of R.N.A polymerase enzyme transcribes precursor m.R.N.A?

Ans: RNA polymerase II

4. Name the part of the flower which develops into the fruit after fertilization.

Ans: 'Ovary'

5. Write the scientific name of the fungus which produces cyclosporine A.

Ans: Trichoderma polysporum

6. What are pioneer species?

Ans: The species that invade a bare area are called pioneer species.

7. Which bacteria is commonly found in the anaerobic sludge during sewage treatment?

Ans: Methanogens

8. Name the international treaty which controls the emission of ozone-depleting substances.

Ans: Montreal Protocol

9. Define endemism.

Ans: Ecological state of a species that is confined to a particular geographical area.

10. What are euryhaline organisms?

Ans: Organisms that can tolerate and thrive of a wide range of salinities are called euryhaline organims.