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Biology 2023


Question Paper

with Complete Solution

1. Which among these one is not a post-fertilization event?

2. The most resistant organic material present on exine of pollen grains is

3. The first movements of the foetus are observed during which month of the pregnancy?

4. Tassels in Corncob represent

5. Which of the following sexually transmitted diseases is not completely curable?

6. An example for non-medicated IUD is

7. Who noted that the behaviour of Chromosomes was parallel to the behaviour of genes?

8. The first genetic material could be

9. Which of the following is used as an Industrial pollution indicator?

10. The disease Chikungunya is transmitted by

11. Sonalika and Kalyan Sona are varieties of

12. Which e of the following alcoholic drinks is produced without distillation?

13. Plant cells are bombarded with high velocity microparticles of gold or Tungsten coaled with DNA in a method known as

14. The commonly used vector for cloning genes in animals is

15. According to Allen's rule the mammals from colder climates have

16. Point Mutation arises due to the change in

17. States that two closely related species competing for the same resources cannot co-exist indefinitely and competitively inferior one will be eliminated eventually.

18. The amount of nutrient, such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous an calcium present in the soil at any given time is called as

19. The reservoir of gaseous type of nutrient cycle exist in the

20. The natural interconnection of food chains make it a

21. What are hermaphrodites? Mention one example.

22. Distinguish between Menstrual cycle and estrous cycle.

23. Mention the four symptoms of Down's syndrome.

24. Write the genotype of the parents when their children are with A, B, AB, O blood groups.

25. Write the two basic amino acids residues which are rich in histones.

26. Differentiate between Geitonogamy and Xenogamy.

27. Mention any two examples of evolution by anthropogenic action.

28. The use of CNG is better than Petrol or Diesel. Give four reasons.

29. a) Why is oxytocin necessary for Parturition?
b) List any four hormones secreted by Placenta.

30. What is Infertility? Give reasons for infertility in humans.

31. Mention any three applications of DNA finger-printing technique.

32. Draw a neat labelled diagram of Miller's experiment.

33. a) Write the infectious forms of Plasmodium which enter human body through mosquito bite.
b) Draw a neat labeled diagram of structure of an antibody molecule.

34. What is Poultry? Mention two important components of poultry farm Management.

35. What is Ecological Succession? Distinguish between Primary succession and Secondary succession.

36. a) Mention four "Evil Quartet", which cause depletion of biodiversity.
b) Among vertebrates which group of animals has the highest number in global biodiversity.

37. What is double fertilization? Describe fertilized embryo sac with a neat labelled diagram.

38. Draw a neat labelled diagram of human sperm.

39. What is incomplete dominance? Explain it with reference to flower colour in Snapdragon.

40. Explain five benefits of creating Transgenic animals.

41. Name the disease caused by following organisms:
Entamoeba histolytica
Salmonella typhi
Wuchereria Malayi
Plasmodium Vivax.

42. Name the technology that can successfully increase the herd size of cattle in a short time and explain the steps involved in this technology.

43. Explain the role of microbes in Industrial products.

44. a) Write any four tools used in recombinant DNA technology.
b) Mention any two methods of introducing alien DNA into host cells.
c) Name the stain used to visualize DNA fragments in Gel electrophoresis.

45. Describe Fredrick Griffith experiment to show transformation in Bacteria.

46. a) Mention any two mechanisms how human body compensates low oxygen availability at higher altitudes.
b) Write two suspended activities in animals against abiotic stresses with suitable examples.
c) The Abington tortoise in Galapagos Islands become extinct after goats were introduced on the Island. Mention the type of interaction.

47. Write a brief account of electrostatic precipitator with a neat labelled diagram.

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